BE THANKFUL | 13 great things about 2013



I was looking to my 2013 photos, and I found this wonderful picture that I took in August 11, 2013, at 08:39pm, during an evening walking.

The colours are awesome! And it is the perfect photo for this post!


Thinking about 2013, I can think only in one word: grateful. Since P., I, and our cat Daniel arrived in Canada in September 2012, only this year we were able to calm down and enjoy life.

I am finishing this year happier, healthier, with peace on heart, and  ready for 2014′s challenges and achievements!


I want to share with you 13 great things that happened in 2013:

  1. We are always improving our English, but we did it formally in our second semester at ESL classes, in the beginning of the year.
  2. On April, I took IELTS and got 7!
  3. I could travel to my home country after IELTS test to see my family and friends, but the travel was made specially to meet my Grandma as I promised when I left Brazil in 2012.
  4. Then, I started my Master Degree in Education – the main reason for being here in Canada.
  5. My husband found a part-time job, that was renewed as full-time job 4 months later.
  6. We moved to a newer house – a little far from the University, but better inside – where I spend the biggest part of the week.
  7. I took some photography classes, and now I am using my cameras on manual mode – so happy!
  8. I decided to keep the blog in which I share my experience here in Canada in Portuguese, and I gave me the gift that is this blog, with a great theme, to talk about me, my personal thoughts and beliefs. (I will improve it month by month!)
  9. I made some friends here, and I am happy with their friendship (one from Libya, one from China, and one Canadian).
  10. We traveled outside the city twice, and we want to do it more on Spring/Summer!
  11. We did lots of programs here in the city, and this is helping us to know it and love it each day more.
  12. We saw many, many sunrises and sunsets. This city’s sky is wonderful and the greatest I saw until now.
  13. We completed one year here in Canada, and we are happy and grateful for all we are learning here! Thanks Canada!

How about you? What were your 13 great things about 2013?


Have a terrific 2014, and thanks for stopping by!

CELEBRATE | Rose, our new house cleaner

I couldn’t be happier today!

Finally, Rose will come to clean our house, daily!

Since I will not have time to vacuum the house everyday when school starts again, Rose will do it for us.

Yes, Rose is the name of our new family member! =)

Yes, Rose is our iRobot 530 (the cheapest I found searching at the internet).

This invention can’t be found in my home country yet. Since I knew its existence, it was in my wish list. Rose, here we go!


iRobot, do you?



Since I have a cat, I was watching some videos about cats + iRobot. These two are so funny!

*Two of the house cleaners that worked for me in my home country are called Rose. So iRobot!

PLAN | Deciding what to do with thousands of photos

I bought my first digital camera in 2006. Since there, I am stocking up on the external HD and/or desktop hundreds of photos each week. I love photographing!

However, after downloading the photos from my camera to the HD, I rarely go back to see them. This is not correct.

I know lots of people are doing the same as me, but photos are taken to be shared or seen once in a while.

Maybe because I didn’t know what to do with my thousands of photos, I didn’t do anything with them until now.

2014 is on its way, and new year is always a good time for planning changes and new activities. I have a PLAN for my photos. This is good, because, at least, I have a plan for them!

This is what I am PLANNING to do:

  1. Instagram photos: create one Blurb book once a year with my photos and my husband’s. I already did our first Instagram photo book two weeks ago. I will share what I did soon here on the blog.
  2. Photos from 2006 to 2013 (wow! 8 years…): (a) starting with 2013, I will create a Moleskine book because I had already paid it and (b) if I like it very much, and if it will not be so expensive, I will create a Moleskine book for each of the 8 years. Also, I will NOT edit the photos, otherwise I will never have those photos on books.
  3. 2014 photos: I will print them once a week and create Project Life pages.